Top 5 Reasons for a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

November 23, 2016

1.  It can save your REAL screen!  

Installing a tempered glass screen protector on your screen is similar to having a second screen on your phone.  This small add-on takes the beating from keys, dirt and debris, and just about anything other wear and tear that your screen would experience on a daily basis.  Plus, accidents happen.  

With screen repairs costing upwards of $150 and the chances of your newly installed screen being finicky until your next upgrade, it’s no wonder tempered glass is such a hot add-on.

Loopy Cases Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Many companies make bold claims and charge an arm and a leg for their tempered glass – some as high as $50!  #robbery  At, we sell our tempered glass for just $15.  Our entire team swears by them and have taken our extra screens through some serious carnage that we’re glad wasn’t our real screen!

2.  It protects against scratches. 

We've all been there, using your new iPhone for the first time…Placing it carefully into your pocket only to find your keys scraping up against your screen.  Tempered glass is made to leave your screen looking brand new and intact.  These hairline scratches don’t only look ugly, but can weaken your screen drastically – more on this later!  Lastly, a phone in mint condition will earn you more dough if you resell it when you upgrade.

3.  Feels and looks like nothing's even there.  

Unlike screen protectors from years ago that made your screen basically unbearable to use.  Using a tempered glass feels like nothings there until you need it most!

4.  It's super easy to install!

No need to panic!  If you take a deep breath and follow the directions we provide, your tempered glass will be bubble free and you'll forget it's even there in no time!

5.  Spider Cracks.  

Every time you drop your phone and the screen doesn't crack you may think you're in the clear, but we have a theory that your screen starts to develop micro-fractures over time, which may not be visible to the eye, but can cause the weakening of your screen.  This is why you hear some people out there talk about how their phone has been dropped a thousand times without an issue, then one day they drop it on the carpet and get a spiderweb out of it.  

Another reason we like to keep phones from being dropped is our helmet theory... You may like wearing your helmet, but you don't want to have to use it.  And when you do, your helmet might protect you, but you're brain is still getting rattled. This can cause a finicky screen or hardware malfunctions over time.  #StoptheDrop!

With a tempered glass these micro-fractures are occurring in your tempered glass instead of in your actual screen and if your phone happens to fall a few times during it's lifetime, it will be much more capable of taking the fall unscathed.  

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