Our Story


Just hours after finally upgrading from his ancient Motorola RAZR to a brand new iPhone, our dad dropped it and cracked the screen. After paying the lofty $100 fee to get it fixed, he opted for a case. He didn’t want a bulky, everything-proof case that cost an arm and a leg and prohibited you from pulling it out of your pocket, but he wanted more protection than slim cases could offer. So with no other options, he decided to make a case that he couldn’t drop.

With the slimmest protective case he could find, John secured a finger loop with some good ‘ole duct tape and headphone wire to the back of it. From that initial ‘eureka’ moment, the first Loopy Case was born.

Since then, Loopy Cases has grown and evolved into what it is today with the help of his three sons (two from Purdue, one from IU), and the awesome Loopy user base (we constantly ask for feedback and conduct surveys). With smartphones getting larger every year and smartphone repair shops popping up on every corner, it’s no wonder that people need a new type of case.

It’s time to StoptheDrop™. It’s time to get Loopy!

What We Believe

Meet the Team

We're three brothers from Purdue and Indiana Universities. We're very tight knit and absolutely love what we do. Please allow us to introduce ourselves:

But enough about us! Let's pick out your new Loopy!