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Top Loopy® Benefits


Who isn't always carrying a million things at once? Simply flip, grab and go. You don't know how nice having an extra hand is until you're in the loop!

Reach/One-handed Use

Phones are getting bigger every year which can make them harder to handle one-handed. Using a proactive case from Loopy® allows you to reach every square inch of your phone with ease.

Pocket Friendly

Loopy® has no problem fitting into even the slimmest pockets. If your phone fits in your pocket, so will Loopy®.

Interchangeable Loops

Loops are designed to be easy to install with as little working parts as possible, giving you reliable strength and easy interchangeability. Loopy® is simply effective at what it does - StoptheDrop™


Loopy holds you instead of the other way around, making your phone extremely comfortable to use. We've even designed loopy with a slightly angled loop for maximum comfort.


Cameras on phones are amazing these days! Loopy® allows you to feel secure in whatever position you have to put your phone in for the perfect photo.


Loops are tested for up to 10+ pounds of tug! Your phone weighs less than a pound so... your phone is not going anywhere.



Horizontal or vertical, Loopy® has you covered! Safe and secure no matter which way you hold it!

Designed With You in Mind

After our dad cracked his phone after refusing a bulky case, we came up with the idea for loopy. Our core motto was to ‘stopthedrop and ditchthebulk’. So we made the thinnest case in the world, with a loop! It was fantastic! The loop did its job, but the case didn’t… A fall off the table for example would have probably ended poorly.

Onto the Loopy Pro! Protection, protection, and more protection!!! Tank-like protection and over 10x the bulk of the Loopy Slim. We accomplished our goal of creating a case that could take the ‘out of the loop’ drops, but we did so at the expense of our beliefs to create a non-obtrusive case that stopped drops.

Now for the Goldilocks theory. So we started too thin and unprotective and then went off the deep end and made something that was overkill with bulk. We’ve blended these two mindsets to make the case you’re backing today! The Loopy Vibe (now known as just “Loopy” because it’s perfect) is the perfect balance of sleek and protective. It can handle the occasional table drop or lap toss, but it’s still thin enough to make your forget it’s even there.


We take our intellectual property and our customers’ trust very seriously. If you come across a suspicious/counterfeit Loopy® product or another company using one of our trademarks illegally, please let us know by making a submission via the link below.

Providing this information will help us to maintain the integrity of our name and protect our customers, and we truly appreciate your support.

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On top of all the benefits above, we offer:

Super Fast Shipping

We know you want your new Loopy® ASAP, who wouldn't? This is why we ship orders out the door within 24 hours, every time (exclude holidays and special circumstances).

Worldwide Shipping

We ship USPS First Class Domestic and International to over 67 countries around the world and counting.

Risk-Free 30 Day Trial

Try Loopy® for 30 days risk-free.  If you don't love it, send it back and we'll refund your entire order.  No questions asked.

Lifetime Loopy® Guarantee

We've built your Loopy® Case to outlive your next upgrade. We stand behind that promise with our Lifetime Loopy Guarantee.

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Hold Your Phone with Your Left Hand?

Do you HOLD your phone with your left hand?  If so, you'll want to request a LEFTY Loopy!  It's no problem because we make them, too! :)

In short, the hand that grabs your phone (most of the time) is the orientation you want for your Loopy Case.

All Loopy Cases are righties by default.  If you'd like a left-handed Loopy, please choose Lefty in the drop-down menu!  Returning Lefty customers: We now use this new drop-down system and no longer use cart order notes for Lefty noting as of summer 2020! :)

Additional Info:

Having trouble deciding?  Simply answer this question: which hand do you hold your phone with MOST of the time? If the left hand, please request a LEFTY model via the instructions above. If the right hand, no note is needed since this is the default orientation for Loopy :)

Can I still use my phone with my right hand if I get a lefty model?  Absolutely. Most of us here at Loopy HQ use our cases with both hands with EASE. Our loops are made to be comfortable and versatile for use with both of your hands. The loop angle is simply there to give you maximum comfort with your dominant hand, but does not hinder your ability to use it with the other.