Real Customer Reviews

  • "I'm loopy for loopy!!! I just love my case, yes you have another customer for life!! You guys rock! Very nicely built, quality, nice tight fit, and FINALLY, I can get a grip on this monstrosity of a phone!!! You guessed it, iPhone 6s plus. Thanks to your wonderful design!"

    S. Nunn

  • "Best invention, right after bacon."

    Amanda A.

  • "Best case ever! I don't know if I'll ever drop my phone again! It fits so comfortably, and I love that I can change the loop; makes me feel like I have a new case every time I change it!"

    Sydney M.

  • "Got it. Love it. Best case I've used. My 6 Plus says thank you!"

    Adam C.

  • "Obsessed with my case! It's exactly what I hoped it would be and I am telling everyone I know!! Thanks!"

    Lindsey D.

MobileReviews-Eh Loopy Review

Check out professional accessory/product reviewer Aaron Ho's review of Loopy. Please note that we originally named this case the Loopy Vibe but realized it doesn't need a sub-name: it's a Loopy!


MobileReviews-Eh Top Ten Cases

Loopy makes it's debut in the top 3 iPhone 6/S cases and earns the honorable title of Aaron's favorite case.


"Some of the best customer service in the world. This is how customer service should be."

And that's how we intend to keep it

"I took my phone with me on a rock climbing trip to Kentucky. I'm terrified of heights, my phone wasn't."

- Jim W.

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