I Took My Loopy Off for One Day...Here's the 6 Things I Missed Most!

August 14, 2015

I Took My Loopy Off for One Day...Here's the 6 Things I Missed Most!

1. Using your phone one-handed is a struggle

They just had to put 90% of the functions on the top left of my screen...and it doesn't help that I'm rockin' a colossal iPhone 6 Plus!  I find myself having to 'walk' my hand up the side of my phone every time I have to press the back button on an app. 

It is always a sketchy experience and I can't imagine texting or navigating my phone walking around campus or a city like Chicago.  #forgetaboutit  My Loopy is only the fraction of the price of a repair (even with AppleCare) and I have no worries of my phone staying in Mint condition when I'm in the loop.

2. Dropping your phone on your face is actually a thing

I'd rather not talk about this one...

3. Loopy stays put in your pocket...naked phones tend to slide out

I kept losing my phone on the couch, in the car, and even once onto the hardwood floor without Loopy!  

The silicon loop flexes down into your pocket and its slightly rubbery feel means it stays put in there!  With Loopy, I never worry about my phone wandering out of my pocket on its own.  Ever.

4. Carrying everything at once feels like walking a tightrope without Loopy

It is so funny sitting at a SBUX or the like and watching all the people juggling their $4 Latte with their $850 iPhone!  I find myself cringing all the time, it's a lot like watching a scary movie.  

Flipping my phone to the back of my hand securely with Loopy assures me that I'll be avoiding dropping my $600 investment!  #multigrasp

5. Putting my phone in and out of my pocket was sketchy

With the Loopy, I'm ALWAYS in the loop.  Pulling it out of my pocket it's the first thing I look for.  When putting my phone back into my front or back pocket is more confident in the loop as well because if you let go and miss your pocket, you're still safe n' sound in the loop.


I was so paranoid of a drop ESPECIALLY when I was up and about walking around.  You never know when a drop is going to happen, and that is especially bad when your phone is in motion about 4 feet off the ground.  With Loopy, it is nice to feel secure and in control at all times!

Did I miss your favorite use?!  Leave a comment and let's duke it out! :p

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