Recycle your old device.. and get rewarded.

July 28, 2015



Verizon just recently announced a new movement where they will literally pay you for your old device.  The goal: keep smartphones out of landfills and recycle/reuse them properly.



With their Zero-landfill policy, Verizon will attempt to renew and reuse your device.  If they can't renew it, they'll simply recycle it properly instead of shipping them to Africa and dumping them on shores.  One of the highlights to their policy is actually getting paid for your device.  Who couldn't use a few extra bucks for their old phone while they rock their new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Rock on Verizon.  They get a big thumbs up for sustainable business practices from us here at Loopy Cases.  For more info, check out the easy steps here at Verizon.com.


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