Properly Recycling Your Old Device

January 06, 2015




Trading up your old smartphone for that new iPhone or Galaxy?  Awesome.  Not only do we have a case for you, we also have a short write up on how you can properly recycle your old device, and pretty easily as well.

Each year the world has around 50 million tons of e-waste (electronic waste) that has to be dealt with. Unfortunately, much of it ends up on African shores, but here’s how you can properly recycle your device and be globally conscious:


  • Take it to Good Will. Good Will takes in old devices to be sold to those who cannot afford brand new devices. Reusing your device could help more than you can possibly imagine.
  • Drop it off at your local Best Buy. Best Buy offers recycling for everything from DVD players to smartphones, even TVs. The best rule of thumb for them is ‘if you can carry it in, they’ll take it’.
  • Donate it to your little cousin/nephew/niece!


If you’re worried that someone may steal your data, have no fear! Simply google search how to wipe your phone clean and you’ll be good to go. It’s much easier and quicker than you think, but varies with each different phone on the market so just check YouTube for your correct process!

That’s all it takes to practice sustainability and be globally conscious, and you’ll feel great doing so! :)

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