Loopy MAX - iPhone 6/7/8 PLUS

*Our universal-fit design for this model Loopy Case fits the iPhone 6/6s PLUS, iPhone 7 PLUS, and iPhone 8 PLUS perfectly! This means one model Loopy Case for all three models! :)

Loopy MAX: Drop Test Approved

Drop Test Approved

The Loopy MAX exceeds the MILITARY STANDARD 810G drop test which means you're protected from all angles during those out-of-the-loop drops.  Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle!

Loopy MAX Increased Bumper Protection

Increased Bumper Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with military certified drop standards, a 60% higher dual-mold bumper, and enough front bezel clearance to keep your screen lifted and safe. Plus, the MAX works great with edge-to-edge tempered glass making it easy protect from screen-weakening scratches and dings.


Loopy MAX Weight Reduction

Attention to Detail

The MAX features circular weight reduction which makes it one of the lightest MIL-STANDARD 810G rated cases on the market. We also added a glossy recessed pocket which shaved off weight, keeps your loop secure and reduces loop 'bulge'.

Additional Features:

Loopy MAX iPhone 7 model rear view

1) Built to last! Our cases don't crack, chip or anything in between. Plus they come backed by the Loopy Lifetime Guarantee!

2) Your buttons should lock out dust, not you! Super responsive and haptic button feedback.

3) Military Standard bumper protection from all angles! Works great paired with our tempered glass too.

4) Still using that breakthrough tech called the 'headphone jack'?! No worries! Our oversized ports fit most 3rd party cables.

5) Switch up your look for less! Shop our Super Loops here.  Did we mention we have glow in the dark and sparkle loops now? ;)

Loopy MAX Universal Fitment

Universal Fitment

Tired of upgrading and losing all of your old cases in the process? We were too! That's why the MAX has universal ports and camera cutouts that fit across the iPhone 6/7/8 and 6+/7+/8+.

"One of the highest-rated cases we've personally reviewed out of over 3 dozen"

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Loopy Cases Purdue Big Sell 2013 First Place Winner
Loopy Cases Indiana University IDEA Competition 2013 First Place Winner

Award Winning Design

Loopy took first place back-to-back at the 2013 Purdue University Big Sell Entrepreneurship Competition & the 2013 Indiana University IDEA Competition for it's multi-patented design.

We couldn't be more proud and eager to share Loopy with you.

Loopy Cases 30 Day Guarantee

How does a 30 day trial sound?

Try Loopy for 30 days risk-free.  If you don't love it, send it back and we'll refund your entire order, including shipping*.  No questions asked.

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Hold Your Phone with Your Left Hand?

Do you hold HOLD your phone with your left hand?  If so, you'll want to request a LEFTY Loopy!  It's no problem because we make them, too! :)

In short, the hand that grabs your phone (most of the time) is the orientation you want for your Loopy Case.

All Loopy Cases are righties by default.  If you'd like a left-handed Loopy, simply type out 'LEFTY' in the notes section once adding your Loopy Case to your cart (the notes section is on the cart page).  If you are ordering multiple Loopy Cases, please note which models you'd like a LEFTY version of as well.

Additional Info:

Having trouble deciding?  Simply answer this question: which hand do you hold your phone with MOST of the time? If the left hand, please request a LEFTY model via the instructions above. If the right hand, no note is needed since this is the default orientation for Loopy :)

Can I still use my phone with my right hand if I get a lefty model?  Absolutely. Most of us here at Loopy HQ use our cases with both hands with EASE. Our loops are made to be comfortable and versatile for use with both of your hands. The loop angle is simply there to give you maximum comfort with your dominant hand, but does not hinder your ability to use it with the other.