Our Story

LoopyCases® are the first proactive case with an comfy finger loop to prevent drops -- StoptheDrop™. 

The idea for Loopy came to us after dropping a brand new iPhone just seconds after walking out of the store..!  *CRACK*  There goes $119+!

We had to give in and buy a case...  The slim cases were all style, no protection.  The protective cases were bulky like a brick.  And why would you want to drop your phone anyway?  Eureka!  What if we could stop drops before they happened?  The rest is history ;)


Conveniently Flip, Grab & Go

If you're the type of person who's always got their hands full, you're going love the what Loopy users have coined 'the Flip'. 

Simply maneuver Loopy to the back of your hand and confidently grab all your stuff!  Many people have said, "It's like having an extra hand!"

Tasia commented, " with loopy cases, I can carry my wallet, keys, coffee/books/bags/etc, AND my phone without fear of my phone plunging to it's death!"

Don't struggle to juggle,simply flip - grab - & go !



  • Watch & Share videos
  • Amplify music
  • Check email
  • FaceTime, Skype, or Google+

More Run, Less Worry

  • Apps & Music conveniently at your fingertips
  • Ditch the sweaty, hard-to-reach armband once and for all!
  • Fully adjustable for any size finger/s
  • Tighten down for maximum security or loosen up for relaxed comfort.
  • Snap on case makes for easy cleaning


Switch it Up

Dozens of styles, one case

Get bored easily? Swap your loop or entire case in a few seconds for a fresh new look and feel.

Break the mold, not the bank with our loop packs!



Can you reach your whole screen?

Arguably the most taken for granted perk of being in the loop is the lack of wobbly worry when navigating your phone.  Also, there's no more need to balance your phone on your pinky and shuffle your hand up to reach the top corners of the screen.  Sounds nice right?

Type & Swipe with Confidence | SaveThePinkies!

Thanks, all-the-way-to-the-bottom reader.

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