Z About Loopy

Our mission is simple...

     Back in 2012, our Dad dropped his brand new iPhone 4s and broke his screen the same day he upgraded.  

     When he went back in to pay the $100+ price to get it fixed, he looked for cases.  He tried bulky case, but he felt they were unnecessarily big and way overpriced.  He loved the slim cases but realized that they wouldn't protect his phone if he ever did drop it

     He wanted something that would preserve the sleekness of his phone AND protect his phone, all for an affordable price.  So, he went home and after a few hours of fiddling with a slim case and some old headphone wire, he invented the first Loopy Case.

Since then, we've discovered so many different uses for Loopy.  Check out a all of these cool ways Loopy Cases make your life easier, more fun, and worry-free.



If you're the type of person who always has their hands full, then this perk is a game changer.  Grab virtually anything while in the loop and never worry about dropping your device.  Keys, coffee, snack, phone.  Done.


Reach your entire screen

Those hard-to-reach corners are now a thing of the past.  Being in loop means you'll be able to use your entire screen one-handed and with ease.  Go ahead, reach for it. 



We knew that loops needed to be completely pocketable in order to be as convenient and practical as possible.  That's one of the reasons why we choose to make our loops out of a special blend of silicone rubber: they collapse upon impact to fit into even the tightest pockets.



Watching Netflix on your phone has never been this easy.  Simply lay your Loopy Case on it's side and the loop becomes a kickstand.

Thanks all the way to the bottom reader ;)

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