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Loopy Slim Review by Mobile Reviews Eh

Based on our time with the Vibe, we gave it a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the highest rated slim iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed out of the 3 dozen cases that we’ve personally used.

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"It's so comfortable I forget it's there!" - Heather A.

"...I was only expecting it to make me drop my phone less, but that's only the first thing it does." - Hanna M.

"I love it! The plus is big, almost too big. But with the loopy case it's easy to hold and very convenient." - Mark S.

"I cannot believe these things weren't thought of sooner! I seriously used to drop my phones all the time. On the ground, on my face, etc... chipped corners, cracked screens, broken back panels.... I HAVEN'T dropped this phone ONCE since getting my loopy. Enough said. And it looks good, and its the cheapest phone case I've ever had." - Heather B.

"I have small hands which was the biggest deterrence for me getting the iPhone 6. But with this case, it makes it SOOO MUCH BETTER." - Clara S.

"I've been a Loopy user from the very beginning, using it on my iPhone 4. The new Loopy Vibe is simply the best phone case period. It has a sleek and stylish design while providing some excellent protection for the phone should you accidentally drop it." - Joey F.

"For me it has a perfect balance of protection and slimness." - Natasha B.