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Loopy Slim Reviewby Mobile Reviews Eh

Based on our time with the Vibe, we gave it a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the highest rated slim iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed out of the 3 dozen cases that we’ve personally used.

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"It's so comfortable I forget it's there!" - Heather A.

"...I was only expecting it to make me drop my phone less, but that's only the first thing it does." - Hanna M.

"I love it! The plus is big, almost too big. But with the loopy case it's easy to hold and very convenient." - Mark S.

"I cannot believe these things weren't thought of sooner! I seriously used to drop my phones all the time. On the ground, on my face, etc... chipped corners, cracked screens, broken back panels.... I HAVEN'T dropped this phone ONCE since getting my loopy. Enough said. And it looks good, and its the cheapest phone case I've ever had." - Heather B.

"I have small hands which was the biggest deterrence for me getting the iPhone 6. But with this case, it makes it SOOO MUCH BETTER." - Clara S.

"I've been a Loopy user from the very beginning, using it on my iPhone 4. The new Loopy Vibe is simply the best phone case period. It has a sleek and stylish design while providing some excellent protection for the phone should you accidentally drop it." - Joey F.

"For me it has a perfect balance of protection and slimness." - Natasha B.


Hold Your Phone with Your Left Hand?

Not a problem!


Below are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if a lefty model Loopy is for you.  In short, it's all about which hand you predominantly HOLD your phone with :)


If you'd like to purchase a left-handed Loopy, simply type out 'LEFTY' in your order during checkout in the notes section. If you're ordering multiple Loopy Cases, please note which models you'd like a LEFTY version of as well.


(Please click any question to expand the answer)

Do I need a left-handed model Loopy?

The best way to decide whether you need a left-handed version is answered by this question: which hand do you hold your phone with MOST of the time? If the left hand, please request a LEFTY model via the instructions above. If the right hand, no note is needed since this is the default orientation for Loopy :)


What is the difference between a lefty and righty Loopy?

The loop angle. We set the loop at a specific angle for the most comfort and best performance of your case. You can see the loop angle below:


LEFTY Loopy Example

LEFTY Loopy Example

RIGHTY Loopy Example

RIGHTY Loopy Example

Can I still use my phone with my right hand if I get a lefty model?

Absolutely. Most of us here at Loopy HQ use our cases with both hands with EASE. Our loops are made to be comfortable and versatile for use with both of your hands. The loop angle is simply there to give you maximum comfort with your dominant hand, but does not hinder your ability to use it with the other.


I'm right-handed but use my phone with my left hand. Should I get a lefty?

Think about the question within the first FAQ question written here. This should help you determine what is best for you!


Anything else I should know?

Keep in mind that you will be able to use your phone one-handed with a Loopy. This is a game changer! Using your phone one-handed is awesome. Select your dominant hand based on the info above and you shouldn't have a problem at all :)