for the iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus


Loopy Cases are a slim, non-bulky smartphone case with a patented finger loop to prevent drops and enable easier one-handed usage: a much needed feature to compliment the ever-growing size of smartphones today.  Not only does the loop rid of the fear of dropping your device, it also makes the ease and comfort of using your smartphone exponentially better.

The loop allows for the user to multitask seamlessly throughout their day, with benefits such as:


The Multi-Grasp™

Flip your device on the back of your finger to free up an extra hand and grab anything you want

Easy one-hand use

Easily reach your entire screen without the worry dropping your device and do so with much more comfort

Switch & adjust loops any time

The finger loops are adjustable for any finger(s) size and interchangeable to match occasion

carry everything at once multigrasp multitasking with phone and coffee phone is not hard to use with one hand anymore easy one handed use of the iphone 6 plus and samsung note 4 case

Loops collapse flat to fit into any pocket

The special blend silicone rubber is designed to collapse flat to fit comfortable into even the tightest pockets


Each Loopy Case is designed from hundreds of customer reviews, surveys, and feedback.  Our primary focus is to make the absolute best case for our customer based on their needs and wants, some that they never knew they wanted.  Every case is covered by the Loopy Lifetime Guarantee and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.


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