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SquareTrade 2014 Statistics on phone drops:

  • Damaged iPhones have cost Americans 10.7 billion in repair costs, $5 billion in the last two years alone
  • In the U.S., every 2 seconds a smartphone is damaged
  • 30 percent of all drops occur from the phone simply falling out of the user’s hands
  • 23 million Americans have damaged their smartphones watching a sports game
  • Half of all college students have damaged a smartphone


Loopy Cases Customer Survey - May 2015*:

200 Loopy Cases customers responded to a company Customer Survey. Results of the survey revealed:

  • 38 percent of smartphone users have cracked their screen at least once, 7 percent more than three times
  • Smartphones have increased up to 60 percent in size over the last 5 years
  • 88 percent of smartphone users have a case for their device


Loopy Case Customer Reviews Stats:

  • The average customer review rating for Loopy Cases is 92.9 percent positive
  • The highest-rated, main focus of 7 percent in buying a case is preserving the slimness of their phone
  • The favorite feature of more than 50 percent of customers ‘in the loop’ is not having to worry about dropping their device
  • The second-rated feature is being able to use their phone one-handed and reaching the entire phone screen
  • 81 percent of customers stated that after owning a Loopy case they do not want to ever have a regular case again
  • 87 percent of customers think Loopy Cases are well-priced
  • In more than 50 percent of customer reviews the word ‘love’ is used at least once


*The Spring 2015 Loopy Cases Survey was sent to Loopy newsletter subscribers and social media followers. 200 participants completed the survey.
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