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Start-up Company Loopy Cases Introduces the Loopy®, 
the First Smartphone Case with a Finger Loop to “Stop the Drop”

The Loopy®, a unique invention of a smartphone case with adjustable finger loop, is an industry first and is designed to help people keep from dropping their smartphones

 SCHERERVILLE, INDecember 11, 2012 – Start-up company Loopy Cases announces the launch of its innovative new smartphone case, the Loopy®. The Loopy is a first for the industry, a slim protective case with a silicone finger loop attached to the back that helps “Stop the Drop.” With the Loopy users can hold their phone with just one finger. This provides a better grip on the phone, allows for easy one-handed use, and frees up the user’s hands. The finger loop is adjustable to fit any size finger and is also interchangeable, allowing the user to customize color and style. 

Loopy Cases is a family business started by two entrepreneurial brothers, JT and Jim Wangercyn. In fact, the invention of the Loopy is due to the experience of their father who created the first Loopy case after dropping and damaging his iPhone immediately upon leaving the store after upgrading. The finger loop of the case is designed to prevent dropping your phone rather than acting as a bulky, reactive case that protects a phone after dropping it.

JT Wangercyn, Loopy Cases CEO, said, “We knew from the get-go that the Loopy was a cool idea, an innovative solution that meets a significant industry need, solving a big problem for smartphone users. Dropping your phone is not just inconvenient, it is expensive to get it repaired. Smartphone users are looking for a smart way to protect their phone at a reasonable price while not sacrificing style and without adding unnecessary bulk. The Loopy does all that. We plan to stake a strong position in the market.”

Features and benefits of the Loopy include:

  • the finger loop allows for easy one-handed use
  • loop provides a more comfortable and secure grip on your phone
  • the protective slim case protects against daily wear and tear
  • multiple color combinations allow for style and personal expression
  • the loop provides a kickstand for the smartphone
  • the finger loop prevents a “face drop” – keeps your phone from falling on your face while using it lying down
  • reasonable price for a unique and effective smartphone case

The Loopy case is available for certain iPhone and Samsung Galaxy model phones and can be ordered direct through the company website, It costs $19.95 and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

About Loopy Cases

Loopy Cases LLC is a start-up company providing an industry first in smartphone cases, the Loopy®. The innovative Loopy design provides a solution for smartphone users, helping to prevent them from dropping their phones. The company has applied for a patent and is engaged in further research and development. Committed to excellent customer care and service, Loopy Cases is on a mission to “Stop the Drop.” For more information, please visit the company website,



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