Back in 2012, our Dad literally dropped his brand new iPhone 4s and broke his screen leaving the store after upgrading.  When he went back in to pay the $100+ price to get it fixed, he looked for cases.  He didn't want a bulky phone because he felt they were unnecessarily big and way overpriced.  He looked at slim cases but realized that they wouldn't protect his phone if he ever did drop it.  What he was looking for was a practical and protective solution to preserve the sleek finish of his phone for a great price.  So, he went home and after a few hours of fiddling with a slim case and some old headphone wire, he invented the first Loopy Case.


    We don't think having an everything-proof, overly expensive case is what people need.  Instead, they need something that goes along with their lifestyle and makes their life easier.  Our cases are practical for more reasons than we can count: from freeing your mind of worry throughout the day, having an extra hand to grab other things, or even preventing the infamous 'facedrop', dropping your phone on your face while texting in bed.


    Loopy Cases are designed to make it simple for the users to be able to fully adjust their loop, change the loop color at any time, and positioned it the most useful and comfortable spot possible.  Another great feature we focused on was pocket-ability.  Our loops are designed with a specific silicone rubber to enable the loops to collapse flat to fit into any pocket like it isn't even there.  The case itself is protective towards bumps and scratches, but also kept thin enough to preserve the sleek, modern finish of your device.


    Our cases have almost 200 reviews, with people rating Loopy at a 90%+ and more than half of the reviews use the word 'love' at least one time.  We recommend checking out our reviews section to see what they have to say, including people raving about being able to easily use their phone one-handed again, stories of how they love not having to worry about dropping their phone like they used to, all the way to the usefulness of the multi-grasp in everyday life.  We've even had people tell us that they choose their next phone upgrade based on what case we have because they will not have a phone without a Loopy Case on it.  Those opinions truly matter to us.  We're focused and driven to deliver a product to the customers that fit everything they want in a case, and possibly things they never knew they wanted.


    John Wangercyn upgrading his 3 year-old iPhone 4 in perfect condition to an iPhone 6



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