JT Wangercyn

Chief Exective Officer/Co-founder

As CEO of Loopy Cases, JT Wangercyn is responsible for leading the Loopy team, strategic planning, quality control and the creative design work for the company. He is a graduate of Purdue Calumet University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship.

JT sports an iPhone 5 and a Loopy Pro case with a white and blue loop.

Fun Fact: JT caught the attention of The Big Sell Competition audience when he purposely dropped a Loopy-less phone while walking up to make his pitch.

Jim Wangercyn

Chief Creative Officer/Co-founder

Jim Wangercyn is the Loopy Cases CCO and is responsible for the company’s creative work, including video, photography, product applications and development, and marketing strategies.  Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics with a Cognate in Business from Indiana University.

Jim rocks a Galaxy S4 with the Electric Slate combo.

Fun Fact: Jim took a selfie/panorama 80 feet up above the trees while rock climbing in Kentucky.

Joey Wangercyn

Head of Photography/Co-founder

Joey Wangercyn takes care of all photography for Loopy Cases as well as myriad additional duties that help propel the team forward.  A student at Purdue University, he is focused on mechanical engineering.

Loyal fan Joey shows it with his S3, Red case and white/red loops - Go Bulls!

Fun Fact: After having shoulder surgery, his Loopy case helped Joey use his phone easily  one-handed for 6 weeks.


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