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How the Loopy™ Case was born

Shortly after upgrading to a new smartphone, Chicago business owner John Wangercyn dropped it and cracked the screen. After paying the hefty repair cost, he went with a bulky, expensive case the sales rep recommended.  John was unhappy with the heavy, new case: buttons were hard to press and his phone now barely fit in his pocket.  He ditched the bulk for a slimmer case until he dropped his phone again.

Thinking ahead of the problem – being proactive by preventing dropping the phone instead of trying to prevent damage after the phone has dropped with a reactive, bulky case - John attached some wire and electrical tape to his slim case to create the ingenious Loopy Case.


Loopy Cases company founded by the “J Boys”

John Wangercyn’s three sons, the “J boys” JT, Jim and Joey, knew a winning idea when they saw it. Co-founding Loopy Cases LLC in December 2012, JT Wangercyn became the CEO, his brother Jim Chief Creative Officer and youngest brother Joey the company photographer. Through several design reiterations, the Loopy® became the first smartphone case design with a patented, adjustable finger loop to help prevent dropping the phone.

The J boys were not the only ones to recognize the market potential of the innovative Loopy design. Less than four months after starting the company, the Loopy case was awarded First Place from both the annual Purdue Big Sell Entrepreneurship Competition and the Indiana University IDEA Competition in March 2013.


Enthusiastic market reception as customers get “In the Loop”

The Loopy case has met with enthusiastic market reception and rave, 5-star reviews from customers, bloggers and mobile tech evaluation reviewers.

Loopy Cases is on a mission to “Stop the Drop” and that mission continues to gain industry traction with the company’s recent release of new cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



Loopy® Cases


Media Contact:

Colin Trethewey

p: (813) 480-1354


Company Contact:

JT Wangercyn
CEO, Loopy Cases

p: (708)280-1426



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