In the Spring of 2013, JT Wangercyn, CEO and Co-founder of Loopy Cases, competed in Purdue's The Big Sell Entrepreneurship Competition.  He pitched the concept of Loopy Cases to more than 350 people and competed against 50 competitors.  Each team had two minutes to pitch to the crowd, who voted using electronic remotes, and a panel of judges.  After the first round, ten teams were selected to advance to another two-minute pitch, this time with a five-minute Q&A from the judges.

JT entered the stage dropping an old smartphone to demonstrate the problem with people dropping their devices at hand and continued the demonstration with a full overview of the first Loopy Case.  After the intense Q&A followed by the second round, Loopy Cases took first place.

The following weekend, Indiana University hosted the annual IDEA Competition, whereas both Jim Wangercyn, co-founder, and brother JT Wangercyn pitched Loopy Cases to a panel of judges to prove both the innovation and feasibility behind the design.  After competing with a dozen other groups, Loopy Cases took first place again and ever since has moved forth with growing to be a household name in the smartphone case industry.




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