Z Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my Loopy?

Check out our short how-to videos here!  *it is essential that the loops lie flat, NOT bunched*  If you receive your case in the extreme cold of winter, we advise that you let your Loopy warm up a bit before installing (just to be safe).

Please remember to recycle your old case [or send it to us and we will!].

When will I receive my order?

Orders ship same-day and arrive in 2-4 days via USPS First Class. We take great pride in getting your order out the door ASAP!

What is eco-shipping?

Rather than send you a hunk of plastic, our Eco-Minded team decided microfiber bags were a much better option.  It'll stay out of the landfills because there are countless uses for it!  Plus, it's lighter and slimmer than traditional packaging... just like our cases ;)... which alsosaves you on hefty shipping costs!

I ordered the wrong case, what can I do?

Please visit our contact page for inquiries!

Will it fit in my pocket?

You betcha! Front pocket, back pocket, nopocket [seriously, just flip it to the back of your hand] ;)

Never leave your pocket without being secure in the loop!

PS. Our loops are the perfect balance of sturdy vs. flexible, doubling as a kickstand!

How sturdy are the loops?

Marty B. did the testing for you,

Simple yet ingenious design works as advertised

"Not one to like the larger cases (or any case for that matter) that hides the iPhone's good looks, I was intrigued by "the loop" on the Loopy Case for it's pure functionality as not only a stand but also as a useful grip when on the go. Once I fiddled a little with fitment to allay any fears the phone might fly out of the case, I'm very impressed! The minimal, lightweight design not only looks great (I chose red with the black loop) but also works beautifully. The phone is secured tightly and I'm happy."

If you enjoyed Marty's take on Loopy, check out our reviews tab for 100+ more :)

Are your cases waterproof?

No they are not.. bbuuttt they willprevent you from dropping your phone around water, boats, n' beaches :)  Go soak up some Vitamin D!

How long do loops last?

They're made to last the lifetime of your phone/case.  Some people experience light tearing after several months, though.  We advise you switch loops immediately just to be safe.

Pro Tip: Check your loop when you wipe down your case as a good habit.

Fun Fact: We recently tested our loops for up to 20lbs of tug.  On your phone it holds up to 8lbs!  [You phone only weighs around .3 lbs]

I'm interested in your B2B promotional cases.

Contact us at team[at]loopycases[dot]com

Did we miss your question or have a suggestion?

Drop a line here!


Hold Your Phone with Your Left Hand?

Not a problem!


Below are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if a lefty model Loopy is for you.  In short, it's all about which hand you predominantly HOLD your phone with :)


If you'd like to purchase a left-handed Loopy, simply type out 'LEFTY' in your order during checkout in the notes section. If you're ordering multiple Loopy Cases, please note which models you'd like a LEFTY version of as well.


(Please click any question to expand the answer)

Do I need a left-handed model Loopy?

The best way to decide whether you need a left-handed version is answered by this question: which hand do you hold your phone with MOST of the time? If the left hand, please request a LEFTY model via the instructions above. If the right hand, no note is needed since this is the default orientation for Loopy :)


What is the difference between a lefty and righty Loopy?

The loop angle. We set the loop at a specific angle for the most comfort and best performance of your case. You can see the loop angle below:


LEFTY Loopy Example

LEFTY Loopy Example

RIGHTY Loopy Example

RIGHTY Loopy Example

Can I still use my phone with my right hand if I get a lefty model?

Absolutely. Most of us here at Loopy HQ use our cases with both hands with EASE. Our loops are made to be comfortable and versatile for use with both of your hands. The loop angle is simply there to give you maximum comfort with your dominant hand, but does not hinder your ability to use it with the other.


I'm right-handed but use my phone with my left hand. Should I get a lefty?

Think about the question within the first FAQ question written here. This should help you determine what is best for you!


Anything else I should know?

Keep in mind that you will be able to use your phone one-handed with a Loopy. This is a game changer! Using your phone one-handed is awesome. Select your dominant hand based on the info above and you shouldn't have a problem at all :)