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IWill my iPhone 6 or 6 PLUS Loopy fit on my new iPhone 7 and 7 PLUS Loopy?

We've checked the fitment of our iPhone 6 model Loopys on the new iPhone 7 models. We noticed that the i6 Loopys fit just fine on them for a temporary fix while you order your new i7 or i7 PLUS Loopy: the only issues are the camera not quite lining up and the microphone being covered at the bottom.  We do recommend upgrading your Loopy to the correct model for your device!

How quickly do orders ship?
We aim to ship orders within 24 hours of checking out. If you order on the weekend, please note that we do not work every weekend, therefore expect your order to be shipped out from Loopy HQ the next business day! :)
Do we ship internationally?
Yes, we ship via DHL International Mail to many different countries. Tracking is sent out via email at the time your order ships. To see if your country is on the list, simply proceed to checkout and fill in your country to receive pricing and availability. Please note that DHL does not give us exact lead times on international orders, but rather a range of 1.5-3 weeks. The best way we've found to figure this out is to do a simple web search to see what others have experienced historically shipping from the U.S.A. to your country.
How much is shipping?
We offer free shipping for US orders over $40 and International orders over $50. Standard shipping fees for US shipping are $3 flat. International shipping prices vary. Please proceed to checkout with your order and enter your address to see shipping prices for your country. Please note that VAT/customs fees are not included in our shipping prices and are the buyer's responsibility.
How do you change loops?
It's super easy to switch out and adjust your loop! Here's a short video where Jim takes you through the install and shows some cool tricks along the way: PRO TIP: If it’s still difficult to pull the loop out, try doing so under the sink with soapy water. Not only do you get a clean case, but it makes loop changing much easier :)
How strong are loops?
STRONG. We just upgraded all of our loops to our new Super Loop!  This new loop is made out of a top shelf medical grade material, making it very strong and durable.  We lifetime warranty this new loop, so if you ever have an issue simply contact us and we'll take care of it!  We always recommend grabbing a second loop with your order simply because they are fun to change (they're great to have for switching it up every once in a while) and also to always have them so you're never out of the loop!

Also, if you're traveling it is always wise to bring a secondary loop. When riding rollercoasters, or anything of extreme nature, be sure to check your loop for any wear beforehand! :)
How does the loop stay secure in place?

Loops stay secure in two ways:

1) Loop holes: The loop holes are a specific size to keep the loop in place and also allow for easy installation/switching of the loop

2) Friction: The friction between the silicone loop and the inside of your Loopy case keeps your loop securely in place. Together these two points of security working together can withstand the tug of a 10lb weight, which is pretty awesome since your phone weighs less than a pound! :)

What phone models does Loopy come in?
We currently have Loopy available for all of the models found on this page here:  We're constantly adding more models to our line-up, so if you do not see yours here, please sign up for our newsletter to stay in-the-loop on new model launches! The sign up for our newsletter is on the homepage of our website, right at the bottom! :)
What is the difference between the iPhone 6/6s and 6 PLUS/6s PLUS?

Apple makes two main sizes for their iPhone 6 (and now also iPhone 7) models!  Here's a quick description of the differences between them to help you choose the right Loopy model for you (Click Here)

Do Loopy products contain latex?

Our loops and cases are not made with latex, though there is a possibility that latex was used in the production process either while producing loops or in similar products nearby. We have to give this disclosure to ensure that you are aware that there may be traces of latex in our products, which may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals.

I paid with Amazon or PayPal and didn't receive a receipt. How can I find it?

Amazon and PayPal send their receipts for your payment to your inbox, which sometimes causes your official Loopy receipt to get caught in your spam folder. If you cannot find your receipt, feel free to contact us to request a receipt resend!

Order the wrong model and need an exchange? No problem!

Not a problem! If you ordered the wrong model, we can fix this immediately (and pretty quickly!). If you'd like to do an exchange, simply send the wrong model back to us here at:

Loopy HQ


PO BOX 230

Schererville, IN 46375

*IMPORTANT* - Please include a note inside of the package to remind us what to do and stating your original order name.

We'll do the exchange immediately and cover the return shipping, which is generally pretty quick!

If you need any more help or have questions about exchanges, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form at the bottom of this page! :)

I need new loops!

No problem! Loops are totally interchangeable, so you can switch it up any time! All of our loop packs are available on this page here!

Still have a question that isn't answered above or simply want to say hi?  Feel free to send us a message below!

*If you're messaging about your order, please be sure to include the name used to place the order and the order number.  This will help us by making our reply even swifter! :)