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Need an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus Case?  Here's why the Loopy Vibe series are the Best Cases on the Market!

When getting a new phone, one of the hardest decisions is deciding which smartphone case you want to protect your new device.  You want a smartphone case that will protect your phone but you don't want a case that is too bulky.  The Loopy Vibe allows for the perfect blend of slimness and protection with it's fully adjustable, patented finger loop that prevents drops.  If that's enough to spark your interest, here's the top reasons why you need a Loopy Vibe case for your iPhone 6/6+.

No More Face Drops

Dropping the iPhone 6 plus or even the iPhone 6 on your face is a lot like dropping a brick.  Let’s just say it wouldn’t end well for you.


With the Loopy Vibe case, there’s no need to worry about this ever happening again.  Your finger is comfortably in the loop so not only are you preventing your phone from hitting you in the face but you are also saving your hands from carpal tunnel.

Loopy Vibe Case - No Face Drop


Easy One Handed Use

Just to say it simply, the iPhone 6 but especially the iPhone 6 plus is just too big for one handed use.  You can try all you want, it’s just not gonna happen.  The Loopy Vibe allows you to reach every square inch of your phone with ease.

Loopy Vibe Case - One Hand Usage



For many people, the iPhone 6 plus doesn’t even fit in their pocket.  Therefore, rendering one hand permanently useless.  With the Loopy Vibe you can just flip your phone on the back of your hand and grab whatever you want.

Loopy Vibe Case - Multi-Grasp


But for those of you who can actually fit the iPhone 6 plus in your pocket, you would have no problem doing so with the loopy case on your phone.  The Vibe adds just 3mm to your phone and the loop lays flat when placing it in your pocket.

Loopy Vibe Case - Pocketability



The Loops on the Loopy Vibe not only stop you from dropping your phone but also act as a kickstand.  With the massive screen of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it is extremely convenient to have a kickstand so you can kick back and watch videos.

Loopy Vibe Case - Kickstand


Interchangable Loops

The Loopy Vibe comes with four different loops that are easy to interchange.  Switch them out to match your outfit, switching up 'your vibe' whenever you want.  There are also tons of loop packs online for further customization.  What other case on the market allows you to customize your case everyday?

Loopy Vibe Case - Interchangable Loops

While the loops are interchangable, they are also secure.  The loops are tested for up to 8 pounds of tug while in the case and 20 pounds of tug outside of the case.  Seeing that the iPhone 6 weighs 4.55 ounces and the iPhone 6 plus weighs 6.07 ounces, loops stay secure in the case keeping your phone in your hand without worry.



Cameras on phones are getting better and better while the phones themselves are getting harder and harder to hold.  The Loopy Vibe allows you to feel secure in whatever position you have to put your phone in for the perfect picture.

Loopy Vibe Case - Pictures



The Loopy Vibe was built with an emphasis on having it last the lifetime of your phone.  This is why the Vibe was developed with a highly durable and rubberized frame to withstand even the toughest Loopy users.

Loopy Vibe Case - Built To Last



As of this moment in time, we have only 5 star reviews for the Loopy Vibe.  This is because we have worked with our customers directly through previous reviews and in person interactions to make the Loopy Vibe the best it could be.



30 Day Guarantee Or Your Money Back


The Loopy Vibe has a 30 day risk free trial period.  If for any reason this case isn't for you, just send it back and you will be fully refunded.  We are that confident that you will love it.  We have this awesome idea that we just want to share with the world!



Ready to choose your Vibe?

The Loopy Vibe for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


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